5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Today - By Megan Cahn

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. All the glittery lives, quite often of people we’ve never met, paraded in front of us can sometimes make us feel less than — especially after we realize we just spent the amount of time we could’ve read the The Guardian or gone on a jog scrolling their feeds. But it also connects us with people we love, and offers up inspiration that can guide us through the real world, where not everything has a sunny filter and not everyone is on a permanent holiday in Positano. To get those feel-good nuggets, you just have to know where to look, so we’ve found five health and wellness accounts that are sure to fill your days with only positivity.

How You Glow

Yoga instructor and art therapist Jessie De Lowe and natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist Tara Sowlaty don’t take themselves too seriously. They understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, just as much as the occasional indulgence. Following them on their world travels to places like Portugal, Japan and Ojai, California will inspire you to plan your next getaway (and what to eat on it), while their #glowquotes offer subtle motivation from some of our favorite writers and philosophers.

Living the Healthy Choice

Berlin-based food blogger and photographer, Pauline Bossdorf, is all about her fruits and veggies, and oh so many smoothie bowls. Her birds-eye pics are rich in color and her food is undoubtedly rich in flavor, as is her sustainable and conscious way of life. Following along on her grocery shops, cooking adventures and her hilarious kitchen fails feels like you’re hanging out with a good friend, with a great eye.

Black Vegans Rock

This is not an individual’s feed, but an account that aims to celebrate people of color — celebrities and regular folks alike — and their vegan journeys. The vegan Instagram universe is lacking in diversity, but by highlighting black-owned vegan restaurants, vegan moms, chefs of color and more, this account, and the blog that goes along with it, is on a mission to change that one story at a time.

Haley Boyd

If you’re fashion-obsessed, but also crave a hearty dose of healthy living and recipe inspo, Haley Boyd serves up the perfect combination. The Marias USA founder obviously has a thing for shoes, and her Talented Mr. Ripley vibe makes us want to go out and buy cigarette pants and a headscarf immediately. But it’s in her stories where you’ll find a more intimate and unpolished look at her daily life. She’s constantly cooking healthy meals with ingredients we’ve never thought to use, testing out new clean beauty products and taking on holistic lifestyle changes. Haley is glamorous yet approachable, and always has the yummiest healthy snacks stashed in her basket purse.

Salad for President

The name alone will put a smirky smile on your face, but New York City-based photographer, writer and cook Julia Sherman’s instagram feed will make you drool. Spawned from her popular blog, turned cookbook, in which every delicious and unique salad recipe (made with locally grown and organic foods of course) is conjured up in collaboration with an artist, musician or writer, her vibrant photos and cooking tips will inspire you to get creative. She has our vote!

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