Who we are

Vegan & Organic skincare takes you to where it really matters and makes sense.

Our line is designed to offer the best of both worlds: on one hand, a clean and sustainable product that supports local producers and protects our planet; on the other hand, potent nutritive formulations that fuel your skin with energy and vitality training it, like a personal coach, to be healthier, stronger and in optimum condition.

We select our active ingredients from sustainable sources working hand in hand with local producers in various Italian regions like Puglia, Umbria, Sicily or the region of Naples where farmers treat fields with respect and cultivate splendors. Our organic and vegan formulations are cruelty free and incorporate high quality superfood ingredients, floral extracts with proven therapeutic properties to address all skin concerns.

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Our Values

Polluting as little as possible: we work restlessly to improve our impact on the environment. We constantly review our sources and our packaging to find "greener" ways to do our job without compromising on efficacy, quality of the products we offer.

Respecting the living: us human, animals, soils and natural resources. Our métier employs a whole chain of individuals. We shall respect them as well as all other living beings that cohabit with us and sustains us. Our active ingredients are organic and our formulations natural in the best of all possible worlds. We do not test on animals and we don't use any material from animal sources (beeswax, caterpillar pigments...).

Make high-quality skincare products at the right price: our small productions are made in our laboratories in Milan which, with a more than 70 year expertise in skincare, has mastered the challenge to use organic and natural compounds as well as the elimination of petro-chemicals shortcuts, potentially irritant for the skin (parabens, silicones, PEGs, glycols, chemical sun filters, synthetic fragrances...), to offer pleasant, clean and potent formulations made through a less polluting production mode.