Who we are


We are an Italian independent family business based in Milan and specialized in beauty and cosmetic science since 1946.

Our laboratories have been restlessly searching new scientific approaches, new biotechnologies to design the product of tomorrow with a specific focus on sustainability and well-being.


Green alternative beauty, Italian style

We offer a different, holistic approach to treat skin concerns and promote healthy skin for longer, the one that puts nutrients and medicinal plants- proven by science- at the heart of the solution.

We are incorporating in our organic certified formulations all the biodiversity of the Italian agriculture as well as the key ingredients used in our every day diet, proven to keep our cells young and healthy for longer.

Our lab expertise focuses on obtaining the purest active ingredients through the cleanest extraction technologies, fully tested to deliver optimum results.

Tailored holistic nutrition

Understanding the nutrient mix of each skin is key to reach healthy, balanced skin.

Advanced studies show that specific nutrients (ceramide, fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamins…) play a significant role in cell communication and reaction, sometimes greater than hormones.

We also know that increased oxidative stress, related to pollution, UV exposure, smoking and alcohol, can strip away the essential nutrients that maintain the overall health of skin barrier function and protective microbiome leading to skin imbalance (dryness, congestion and inflammation).

Since every skin has a different nutrient content depending on age, diet and lifestyle, we have selected from the Italian Diet a tailored mix of super nutrients to prevent, treat every skin condition and regain optimum health.


We source our super ingredients- fresh fruits, veggies and plants- organically and directly from local farmers in various regions in Italy. The unique and rich Italian biodiversity, from Sicily to Tuscany, offers a wide range of super nutrients of high quality. We use a mix of traditional techniques and advanced technologies (bio-liquefaction, enzyme activation, stem cells stimulation…) that help us recover 100% of the nutrient content, totally bioavailable for targeted and optimum results.

Medicinal plants, our know how

Around 70% of the active ingredients used to make drugs are extracted from plants. In Italy, we have a long tradition of using medicinal plants and since modern medicine identified and isolated the active part of each plant, we understand better and scientifically their benefits. Either to reduce inflammation, boost skin defense system or balance the microbiome, we are using medicinal plants as a complementary and efficient solution to treat certain skin conditions, the green way.

We also use traditional and "clean" techniques (maceration, percolation, distillation) to extract, without the use of preservative, the desired active ingredients from fresh and dried plants, organically grown in Italy

Responsible beauty

We avoid the use of potentially harmful ingredients such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, phtalates, synthetic fragrances, retinol and BHA. Our formulations are vegan, cruelty free, AIAB certified (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) ensuring a high level of naturalness. Our production uses 100% renewable energy and our low temperature extraction techniques help save energy. Since billions of tons of plastics lies in the ocean, our airless packaging is made from 100% PCR plastics with 25% of the content coming from the ocean. We use FSC cardboard and vegetal inks.