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75 years of experience in beauty

For more than 75 years, we have been recognized as the reference in the Italian cosmetic industry. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, we were the first to design an entire line incorporating plant based stem cells, apply the latest and major breakthrough discoveries- such as the medicine Nobel prize work on the critical role of telomere and telomerase in the cellular youth- or formulate organic cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics enriched with 100% Italian, traceable and certified superfood ingredients, Vegan & Organic skincare.

Visionary, disruptive ideas striving for greater efficiencies and responding to today's environmental challenges that we are all facing.

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The power of nutrients

Nutrients are at the heart of our strategy to help you achieve a balanced, healthy skin leaving it incredibly soft and glowing.

Advanced studies show that specific nutrients (ceramide, fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamins…) play a significant role in cell communication and reaction, sometimes greater than hormones. They, therefore, do impact skin appearance: redness, blemishes, rough/dry surface, pigmentation.

Our laboratories and nutritionists have selected from the mediterranean diet the nutrients that specifically and scientifically have shown a positive impact on skin imbalance. Parterned with medicinal plants chosen for ther long and established benefits, our highly nutritive skincare routines bring a green, efficient solution to every skin.

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All the richness of Italian farming

Lemons from Sicily, Kale from Tuscany, Exclusive White truffle extract from Piedmont, green and red grapes from Emilia Romagna… All our super food and medicinal plants come from the italian bio diversity and are rich of high-quality essential nutrients. We feel that knowing where each ingredient come from is key to ensure efficacy, safety and credibility.

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